Michael Grobelny

Obsessive and conflicted, shamanistic and self-humiliating, Michal Grobelny is self-made tortured artist.

Grobelny is the product of an ongoing psychological self-assessment; born under the nuclear cloud of Chernobyl-fearing Poland, inflicted with bizarre American schooling and lost in the banal suburbs of outer Melbourne before years spent in the wasteland of London’s working class, Michal’s work appears as an artifact of humiliating exhilaration, unreality and a world seen through a kaleidoscope of anxiety.

Like an Icarus to a sun, Michal Grobelny has often mistaken the path to enlightenment for an amusement park ride. Experiments with psychedelics, the bliss of non-being, his super-real, abstract, fractal-detail art radiates a shattered identity, mirroring a mind of dark ethereal spaces and of a mocking contempt. He regards his work as an ongoing discourse with divinity and as a rebuttal to the quantising of perfection through the partitioning of infinite awareness into inorganic, information-based, parasitic nano-junk.

Michal Grobelny's outsider art attempts to capture the raw energetic flow of high vibrational reality, to make peace with it, and to exhume the primordial fear that represses the desire for unity with the divine.

He makes exclusive use of black Black Bic pens, as they last over 10 hours in continuous drawing time. Not having to break pen from paper allows Grobelny to enter deep meditative states of focus, during which the drawings flow through him, stripped of a personal aesthetic.

Rudolf Steiner: "When the veil formed by the physical world is broken through, we enter an ethereal, fluidic world, and when we experience this first spiritual world, the feeling arises that we are outside the physical body."

These are documents of that Journey.