Daniel Gonçalves

Daniel Gonçalves is a self-taught draughtsman and painter from Portugal (b.1977) with a deep genuine creative streak. This gift, combined with a hyperactive personality, led him from an early age to understand the world and to relate to it through his artistic expression, having participated in the last decade in multiple collective exhibitions held in Porto.

In the course of his experimentations searching for a personal style, regardless of the multiplicity of techniques, he has always revealed a particular attention for the games of shapes and colors.

"Lately presents an obsessive black-and-white, materialized in geometric abstract drawings, though spotted by organic elements: a repetitive minimal aesthetic, more circular than linear."
Tiago Coen

"Here's an artist worth checking out. Daniel Gonçalves from Portugal. Brings to mind for me the ornamental aspects of Dellschau and Wolfli, tantric art, sacred geometry, masonic imagery, so much more, so many places to go with work. Very obsessive."
Stephen Romano

Solo Shows

Outsider Art Fair Paris 2018, Galerie Lemetais, Atelier Richelieu, Paris, France;
57 bis Boulevard de Rochechouart, Galerie Pol Lemetais, Paris, France;

“2:22 – Drawings by Daniel Gonçalves”, Gallery Cruzes Canhoto, Porto, Portugal.

Group Shows

Opening The Third Eye, Stephen Romano Gallery, Living Gallery Outpost, New York, EUA;
L’Univers en Expansion, Galerie Polysémie, Marseille, France;
Musée des Arts Buissoniers à Martigues, Martigues, France;
Outsider Art Fair NYC 2018, Galerie Lemetaism, Metropolitan Pavillon NYC, USA;

Another Christmas sur Canal Saint Martin, Galerie Pol Lemetais, Studio B&B, Paris;
ST.ART, Contemporary Art Fair, Galerie Pol Lemetais, Strasbourg, France;
Outsider Art Fair Paris 2017, Galerie Pol Lemetais, France;
Coletiva “7 APART”, Gallery Cruzes Canhoto, Porto, Portugal;
L’ADAP, Galerie Lemetais, Aveyron, France. Musée des Arts Buissonniers, Bartas:Festival, Les Noveaux Troubadours, Saint Sever du Moustier, France;
Salon Art Rodez, Galerie Pol Lemetais, Rodez, France;
Lausanne Art Fair – Contemporary Art Fair, Galerie Pol Lemetais, Lausanne, Switzerland. “The Golden Ratio Laws”, Treger Saint Silvestre Art Collection, Oliva Creative Factory, São João da Madeira, Portugal.
“Vade Retro”, Gallery Cruzes Canhoto, Porto, Portugal.

“Lagarto, Lagarto, Lagarto”, Gallery Cruzes Canhoto, Porto, Portugal;


MNMA, Museum Naif and Marginal Arts, Jagodina, Belgrade, Serbia;
TSS art brut (Treger Saint Silvestre), Oliva Creative Factory, São João da Madeira, Portugal;