Jon Sarkin

Jon Sarkin is an American artist based in Gloucester, MA.

He is best known for his frenetic and visually arresting images, which mix words as well as images. These drawings and paintings cross-hatch and scrawl their way through pop-culture, rock ‘n’ roll, the mundane, and the subconscious.

Jon began his career as an outsider artist in 1989, when complications from a neurosurgery led to a stroke, which prevented him from returning to work as a chiropractor. While his artwork was initially therapeutic - respite from the havoc the stroke wreaked on his nervous system - he has developed a truly novel artistic voice, as well as a seasoned consistency.

In 2011, Pulitzer Prize winning author Amy Ellis Nutt wrote a book about Jon Sarkin, "Shadows Bright as Glass"


The American Visionary Art Museum, The DeCordova Museum