Lela was born 1959 in Germany into a controversal post war family. After some intro levels into analogue photography she continued on filmsets while also working besides in cafes and restaurants.

Upon sudden individuation into the mystics she was reborn again like a serpent shedding her skin - serpent power Kundalini unveiling the inner darkness. Being her own psycho-analyst without the image making process she spend time undisturbed while travelling to explore and observe the expanding various states of conscious-ness. Visionary and intuitive as often described also by CG Jung. The camera-lens eye was suddenly transformed into a lasting ‘spiritual eye seeing the invisible’ within as well outside and proving the perception of this one living eternal being. ’Eternity forbids thee to forget.’ Lord Byron

She travelled the US and Canada and lived in the UK and Spain. In 2000 she began teaching herself how to work digitally. Photo editing was her main interest. Processing without darkroom chemicals. While in the UK for some years she worked in telemarketing to train her small voice and joined a photo library for a couple of years with focus on book cover art Noir. She scouted her own models outdoors and worked without any briefings. Because her visual language did not fit into the commercial she decided to detach herself from photography connected to Noir and related moods as conditions became uneasy due to a nomadic life.

In 2016 she could see with the eye of the mind how to begin. Photo editing suddenly turned into an intuitive processing out of nothing, creating forms out of the formless. At this time she did not know that the term computer art already existed relating to early experiments in the late sixties onward. She never seen her discovery as computer art but as a kind of latent image processing as it was the norm with analogue processing. It was rather a spiritual manoeuvre and final photographic debut and interesting chapter. It was a link to painting and drawing without a computer always focusing on the inner mysterious boundless dimension as reality. From this perspective the Spiritual in Art could unfold ...