Muhammed Gaye

Muhammed is a London-based self taught artist.

He spent his early years in the Gambia before moving to England as a teenager.

Working with pen on found paper and notebooks, densely covered pages combine his interests in Gambian wildlife, especially snakes and birds, with village scenes and recurring African faces, typically in profile.

His work evokes supernatural ideas fixated on matrilineal systems, conveyed through numerical formulae that interrelate with human and insect forms, especially hands and spider-webs.

Muhammed’s work is typically black and white with flashes of colour, and reveal a particular and complex world view, integrating his life in Gambia with street-scenes in urban East London.

His work would fit the description of a classic ‘art brut’ artist, the work being intensely personal and private, and not created for an outside audience.

Biblical references are to be found within the text and various notebooks he carries with him at all times.