New Arrivals

Izabella Ortiz

My mother is Australian and my father French-Colombian and, as a child I lived in France, in Australia and also in Alaska.

My painting is impregnated by Inuit, Aboriginal and Indian myths, tales and legends.

It came to life in an unexpected way. One evening in 2009, like a sleepwalker I grabbed a painting I had at home and painted over it. Since then I have been producing in a compulsive way.

This "trance painting" loomed up after a lung illness and has become vital to me. I have become what I am.

James Robb

James Robb, 71 is an Alabama-based self-taught artist. Blind in one eye, Robb has been practicing self-hypnosis since he was in his mid-20s, and adds, "My psychiatric diagnosis is magical thinking."

The Bible and catholicism are strong influences in the content of the work. "My beliefs and feelings are just too fantastic to put in print. 'The Lamb of God' taking away the sins of the world. This Lamb must be a real Bad Ass. Not some gentle creature."

František Jaroslav Pecka, untitled, 1920, colored pencil, graphite on paper, 68 x 47 cm Courtesy Gallery of EverythingFrantišek Jaroslav Pecka, untitled, 1920, colored pencil, graphite on paper, 68 x 47 cm Courtesy Gallery of Everything

Jaroslav Pecka

Pecka (1878-1960, Czechoslovakia) was a published author on evolutionary history. He was also a geologist, archaeologist, teacher and spiritualist whose works were exhibited at the National Spiritualist Congress in Paris in 1927. A hint of the Czech Art Nouveau master Alphonse Mucha's simultaneously sure and languid line can be felt in Pecka's pictures, which, if they were not so neatly self-contained, could easily take a turn toward the psychedelic.

Josvedy Jove Junco

Josvedy, nicknamed by his friends as El Sirio (Spanish expression for: The Syrian), was born under conditions of vital risk due to the arterial hypertension of his mother. After delivery, he was several days in an oxygen camera with convulsions. Since childhood he had difficulties in school, sudden changes of humor as well as paranoiac behaviors and hallucinations. However, he was able to graduate as a technician in accounting and he even registered for History and Philosophy career at the university although he quit it soon after he started.

Richard Saholt


“Doctors told me I was born schizophrenic,” Richard Saholt said. By his own account, schizophrenia was present on both his mother’s and father’s sides of the family. Throughout his life, he railed against his sadistic, mentally-ill father who, among other things, forced him to be right-handed, despite his natural proclivity to be a lefty. His mortician father also once made him dress the cadaver of a young boy his own age and, another time, told him to take a bushel basket and collect the dismembered body parts of a man who had been hit by a train.


My name is Margot. This is the name I have chosen. I was born on July 25, 1982 and grew up in the countryside. At first, I tried to do like everyone else. I learnt a job, florist, and then I became a business manager. "All was well in the best of all worlds".


"The drawings of Angelika, a guest in the exclusive Sanatorium Dr Sinn in Potsdam, are pure Art Brut. They are sensitive, exquisite treasures from a timeless realm characterised by invention, memory and quiet contemplation. Rendered in the gentlest pencil lines, these drawings nevertheless have a power that insinuates first into your eyes and then into your soul. These are organic works. The sun is always rising. Buildings – even sanatoria – are always homes. Nature is always present and tumescent.

Anonymous Fetish Artist

"In spite of everything, sometimes photographs are not enough. This unidentified obsessive image-maker needed to emphasize footwear. And to do that, he reached for drawing. In these remarkable images women’s shoes and boots are lovingly and closely rendered for study and enjoyment. Footwear is always the focus. Everything else is rather cursorily drawn. Figures and the mis en scène are essential for narrative content, but the hurry is always to get to the shoes.

Johnson Weree

Through the eyes of Johnson Weree all are beautiful.

As a child growing up in war-torn Liberia, Weree would salvage what discarded materials he could to illustrate his portraits. Today, in the relative comfort of Holland, a contemporary palette of unlimited dazzle has replaced the battery fluid and blood.

Weree has neither studio nor home, no sitters or patrons. Like the artist himself, his practice is itinerant. A safeguard against the outside world, it is an elaborate daily ritual which occupies its author morning to night.

Daniel Gonçalves

Daniel Gonçalves is a self-taught draughtsman and painter from Portugal (b.1977) with a deep genuine creative streak. This gift, combined with a hyperactive personality, led him from an early age to understand the world and to relate to it through his artistic expression, having participated in the last decade in multiple collective exhibitions held in Porto.

In the course of his experimentations searching for a personal style, regardless of the multiplicity of techniques, he has always revealed a particular attention for the games of shapes and colors.