New Arrivals

Renaldo Kuhler

Renaldo Kuhler (American, 1931-2013) was a scientific illustrator for the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences for thirty years, illustrating natural history specimens for publications and exhibits. Unbeknownst to family, friends, and co-workers, Kuhler was also a prolific self-taught artist. In 1948 Kuhler invented an imaginary country he called Rocaterrania and secretly illustrated the nation’s history for more than sixty years.

Freda Köhler

The German artist, Freda Köhler produced a body of compelling visionary paintings and drawings, only a fraction of which seem to have survived. She signed her works, ‘Sieg-bert’, which in old German means ‘bright victory’; a sign of the revelatory messages in her art and, perhaps, the name of her spirit guide. The titles of many of the works, and the hand-written ‘explanatory’ text on the verso of some of them, certainly suggests a mediumistic source. Botanical forms dominate. They metamorphose and seemingly reveal cosmic messages.

Jon Sarkin

“One thing I know: my art gives up its secrets uneasily, like a magician jealously guarding his tricks' mechanics. I know when I've accomplished a valid work when I'm sure the viewer will never tire of looking at it.”
– Jon Sarkin

Justin Duerr

Justin Duerr was born in 1976 and grew up in rural Pennsylvania in the United States. In the early 1990s he dropped out of high school and moved to Philadelphia. He experienced some years of homlessness before working for several years on fishing boats in the Bering Sea. While at sea, he experienced an ecstatic vision which found expression in a series of artworks - an "interconnecting story scroll," which consists of panels which connect to one another, reading left to right.

Matthew Bateson

Matthew Bateson is a self taught artist. His landscapes are based on his dreams, in which light and terrain reflect psychological states, often bordering on nightmares and feelings of anxiety.

The pictures are created early in the morning, upon awaking. This is the time when dreams are best remembered, so his experiences can be precipitated in paint. The pictures are begun with abstract colour until spectral contours emerge almost alchemically from the materiality of the paint.

Rene Meredith

Rene Meredith is a revelation, a previously unknown American self-taught artist, only recently discovered. One hundred and fifty of her remarkable pen and crayon drawings were found in a discarded folder in a Los Angeles flea-market. Nothing at all is known about the woman who created these works, apart from her then location - two addresses in California - the dates the pictures were drawn, and the fact that she thought them important in her life and valued them. It can also be seen that a number of the sketches are stamped 'SPACE CREATURES, INC' and also bear a Copyright stamp.

Kareem Davis

Kareem Davis creates both real and imagined elegant structural graphite drawings that evoke careful placement of line and form with draftsman-like qualities. Kareem’s focus is on the simple beauty of these constructions. Many works are of the Chicago Housing Projects, the majority of which have been torn down. Most of his works contain a small rendering of the Sun to show scale.

Carlos Huergo Vuk

Carlos is a Summa Cum Laude graduate from Mathematics. In 1990, his mother suddenly died while he was in Czechoslovakia (now the Czech Republic) for under graduate studies. During his stay abroad he began to present severe behavior dysfunctions mixed up with aggressive actions toward his school colleagues. His aggressive behavior became really dangerous causing his return to Cuba using a straitjacket and sedated. Once in Cuba, he was admitted in a psychiatric hospital and underwent to treatment with psychoactive drugs and electroshock sessions. He was diagnosed as paranoid schizophrenic.

Armin Andreas Pangerl

'In his line drawings of ornamental character which often include a lot of text, Armin Pangerl deals with messages and memories. Their function as part of his ongoing diary project is more important to him than their quality as single art works. Nevertheless, some of them stand out due to their original compositions.'

Thomas Roeske
Prinzhorn Collection,
Heidelberg, Germany