My name is Margot.
This is the name I have chosen. I was born on July 25, 1982 and grew up in the countryside.
When I was 32 years old and I started drawing tirelessly.
Before that, I realised florist studies.
I tried to do like everyone else. I learnt a job and entered into the dizzying circle of what the world offers me at this moment.
I got a job and then I became a business manager. "All was well in the best of all worlds".
But my future was to be different.
I changed my route, I forked. I stopped everything.
My subconscious knew that my future was somewhere else.

The year 2014 was a radical change in the way I see life, my future, and how I was going to use my energy.
One cycle ended, another began.
I stopped my work. Back to the family home. It's an upheaval.
Something was telling me it's time to move on ... and it was in October 2014 that I've started to draw. Everyday. All day.
this energy was like a torrent, indeed it was frenetic and furious.
With time, I have found my rythm.
I imbricate the lines, I multiply the features and I give birth to the forms.
Then I assemble the curves with fluidity. A rhythmic is created, similar to music, to emotions.
Through my drawings, I compose with the vibrations surrounding me, I give birth to a new universe and I transcend my memories.
I free myself, I break my chains. I breathe .......... deeply.
Always with my favorite materials: paper, pens and Indian ink.
By The way I create, I give body to my visions, I make real my utopia of a timeless world where the Beings would be free from the power and its attraction.
From my sanctuary I aspire to a new era.